Faith. Nature. Romance.

I write Inspirational Romantic Suspense/Adventure novels from a comfy desk in East Tennessee. When I come to a mountain that seems too steep to climb, I write about it and conquer it with words. I am a mom of five, an English teacher, an outdoor girl, an editor, and an avid reader, but writing is my passion.


Declaration of Faith

I was saved when I was nineteen. The sunlight seemed so extra bright and beautiful that morning. I remember it streaming through the windows and lighting up a small decorative church on the front table. It glowed like the light was coming from inside the little plastic church. That is exactly how I felt, too. There was a sense of great relief the moment I asked Him to come into my heart, because when He arrived, all the guilt and fear were pushed out and replaced with a comforting, warm light.


Sara’s Special Mountain Messengers

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