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My goal is to provide high-quality editing and proofreading services for fiction and nonfiction authors at an efficient pace and an affordable rate.

I worked with Sara to proofread my book, Red. I can honestly say that Sara is a thorough proofreader, who caught small mistakes that can be missed. It was a pleasure to work with her. Sh

I am a multi-published author with a keen eye for detail and I love grammar (and hate typos!). I’m also pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts in English and Creative Writing, with an expected graduation date of Summer 2022. I work with three small publishers, as well: Mt. Zion Ridge Press, Thunder Ridge Publishing, and Red Horsehoe Books. Before becoming a full-time author and editor, I was a medical transcriptionist and Quality Assurance editor for Cardioscribes, Inc. for six years. Preparing and proofreading medical documents fine-tuned my ability to spot errors. No human (or computer) can ever be 100% perfect, but if you need help spotting errors in grammar that spellcheck may miss, punctuation questions, or help aligning point-of-view and/or verb tense uses, I would be more than happy to assist!

If you need a bit more in-depth help with your novel, short story, or novella, editing may be for you. Editing is inherently a slower process, in which I will read your story for the errors mentioned above regarding proofreading and also provide feedback in a variety of other areas: sentence structure issues, showing vs. telling, pacing, character development, and weak and repetitive wording. I will provide in-depth feedback and suggestions for strengthening, utilizing Word’s Track Changes feature.

Sara Foust has edited several essays and papers for me, and I can say her attention to detail is impeccable, her knowledge of grammar and sentence structure is vast, and her creative con

But, don’t worry, as an author with a unique voice, I completely understand that your work is exactly that:  your work. All final decisions will rest solely in your capable hands. If you would like to contact me with questions or for a general estimate, please feel free to email me at Or you can shoot me an email through my contact page here.

I would be happy to proofread or edit your first five pages for free so that we may test our compatibility and the speed at which I feel I will be able to process your manuscript.

My prices are as follows:

Level I (proofreading): $0.002 per word (one read-through). This level is best for a manuscript that has already been edited and you need another set of eyes to double (or triple) check for any missed errors before sending it to print.

Level II (line editing):  $0.005 per word. This level is more in-depth and slower than proofreading. You’ve polished your manuscript to the best of your ability, but you’re ready for a professional edit to look at sentence structures and spot errors, as well as point out any inconsistencies.

Level III (developmental editing): $0.015 per word. This is a much more in-depth version of editing. Not only looking at errors but also pace, flow, character development, etc. Pretty much anything you feel you need help with or areas you want to focus on (or all of them), we can address.

Level IV (Full service): I also offer other services, to include formatting for self-publishing (eBook and print), cover design, help uploading to KDP and/or Ingramspark, ISBN assistance with Bowker, and more. 

I look forward to working with you!

More testimonials:


Sara Foust has been editing for me since late 2017. I would like to say that she has been an excellent editor and proofreader. I appreciate the level of expertise she demonstrates in her

Sara provided timely and detailed proofreading services for my manuscripts. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sara and highly recommend her to other writers.

_an author's eyes can only go over her own manuscript so many times before she can't see the typos any longer. that's where sara came in, and wow, was she able to find those pe

Books I have proofread:

His Secret Mission by Joy Ohagwu

His Changed Life by Joy Ohagwu

Her Undying Faith by Joy Ohagwu

Hunted by Joy Ohagwu

Unshaken Love by Joy Ohagwu

Hunter by Joy Ohagwu

Whisper by Joy Ohagwu

The Secret Heritage by Joy Ohagwu

Making Isaac Hunt by Linda L. Hargrove

Loving Cee Cee Johnson by Linda L. Hargrove

Books I have edited:

Mermaid’s Tears by Becky Sawyer

The Hidden by B. B. Sawyer (Becky Sawyer)

Chilhowee Legacy by Reba Rhyne

Tipton’s Sugar Cove-Matthew by Reba Rhyne

Meant for Her by Joy Avery Melville

Sown in Peace by Joy Avery Melville

A Cove Creek Christmas: Shelter in Love by Cyn Taylor

Pigeon Rivers by Arthur Bohanan

Volunteer Patriots by Arthur Bohanan

Hornets and Crowes by Arthur Bohanan

Guerilla Fighters by Arthur Bohanan

Cove Creek Christmas: Shelter in Love by Cyn Taylor