Authors that Influence and Inspire Me: Part III

My uncle Jim was the first to recommend John Grisham to me. “You’ve got to read this,” he said. So I did. And I was hooked. The mystery, the fast-paced, adrenaline plot-ride that kept me up turning pages just to see what happened reeled me in and I am still a fish on the line all these years later. I’ve now read twenty-nine of his books, legal thrillers and regular fiction, and wait expectantly for the next title to be released.

I’ve often commented that if I could trade career lives with any one person, it would be Mr. John Grisham. What better career to have? He has made a living, a very, very, very good one, I might add, doing what he loves-writing the characters and stories in his imagination. I may never write as many books as he or have as many fans, but I use his personal story for inspiration. He was rejected over two dozen times before finding a publisher for his first novel. Yet, he kept trying and now look at his amazing career. I stand in awe of what he has done with his writing ability.

I remind myself, as I am just a “newbie”, that all famous authors once were just that-new authors trying to carve out a small niche for themselves, struggling with ‘what-if’s and rejection letters. After spending the first thirty-two years of my life avoiding pursuing my dream because I was too afraid, I am just happy to finally be on the road, bumpy though it may be. And I won’t give up. I will think of Mr. John Grisham, and Mr. Zane Grey, and Ms. Carolyn Keene ( and remember they were once in my shoes, and thank them for writing what was in their hearts, activating my imagination, and inspiring little old me. #johngrisham

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