Interview with Author Alexis Goring

For this week’s Summer Spotlight, I have Alexis Goring. Welcome!

Alexis A. Goring is a passionate writer with a degree in Print Journalism and an MFA in Creative Alexis A. Goring Spring 2017Writing. She loves the art of storytelling and hopes that her stories will connect readers with the enduring, forever love of Jesus Christ.

Her novel, A Second Chance, released in January.
Book cover

Newly single food critic and newspaper reporter Traci Hightower is done with dating. After the man of her dreams left her at the altar on their wedding day and ran off with the woman she thought was her best friend, Traci resolves to focus on work and resigns herself to being a bachelorette for life. 

Marc Roberts is a political reporter who is known as Mr. Nice Guy, the one who always finishes last. However, Marc’s compassion and kindness are of invaluable help to his newly widowed sister Gina Braxton who is trying to raise her two kids in the wake of her firefighter husband’s death.

Traci and Marc may be the perfect match, but they don’t know it yet. With God’s guidance and the help of Gina’s matchmaking skills honed by her career as a bestselling romance novelist, there is hope for a happily ever after for these two broken hearts.
Alexis answered a few questions for me. If you have any questions, too, feel free to comment below! 

What has been your favorite character to create? And why?

My favorite character to create in this story, A Second Chance, was Carla because she’s feisty, beautiful, brilliant, and she’s a true friend to my story’s heroine Traci.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from life. Stories on the news, storylines in my favorite movies, music (my main muse), and conversations (whether overheard or participated in) inspire me with ideas for fictional stories. God blessed me with the talent of writing so He definitely gets the ultimate credit. He helps my creativity to flow!

What do you see in your future writing career?

I’d love to write captivating, life-changing fictional stories that are so good that they win the following awards for my fiction writing: Carol Award, Golden Heart Award and the RITA Award.

I’d also love to write riveting nonfiction news and feature stories that win The Pulitzer Prize and help people improve their lives.

My goal is to win these awards at least once but ideally several times!

But more important than winning these highly regarded awards for my writing, I want to glorify God and write the stories that He inspires me to write in the way that He wants me to write it. I want my stories to help people heal, make them smile, warm their heart and fill their mind with the kind of treasure that you cannot buy—the hope of life eternal offered through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

You wear a variety of “writing hats.” Which genre is your favorite to write and why?

My favorite genre of writing is inspirational. I like to write inspirational romance for the Christian fiction book market and I like to write feature stories about real people who are doing remarkable things in life.

The reason why I love writing inspirational stories is because in a world infiltrated by the devastating side effects of sin, we need the kind of hope that only God can give. It is my goal to show my readers glimpses of that hope eternal and usher them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. And for my readers who already know God and follow Jesus Christ, I’d like my writing to encourage them to keep on keeping on in their faith journey with God.

Alexis, I love your outlook, purpose, and especially those goals! I hope they come true for you!

We are almost halfway through our Summer Spotlights. Still to come–Christina Lorenzen, Carol McClain, Kristen Terette, Patrick Craig, Julie Arduini, Christina Rich, Gail Kittleson, and Victoria Kimble. I will also have three guest bloggers over on my devotional page too–Sherri Wilson-Johnson, June Foster, and Cynthia Roemer. I’m sure their devotionals will inspire us, so please check them out soon.

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