Farm Life from the Farmer’s Wife: Bald-Bottomed Chicken

No, it’s not some newfangled breed of chicken. It’s a brave little barred rock who fought off some mystery critter in the dark of night, probably an opossum.

Our chickens go to roost on top of their run at night and we have to go out every night and get each one to put them in the coop. We were being lazy a few nights ago and left them out. That was not a good idea and we knew it, but we were so tired! The next morning we awoke to a pile of fluffy feathers and a bald-bottomed chicken. She looks rather pitiful, as you can see. And she seems a bit embarrassed (I would be too!). But, she isn’t injured, and we are thankful for that.

It really got me thinking. How often have I been lazy on God? Let my study time with Him slip and my prayer life flag. Maybe forgot to ask Him for help that day or week. Then the devil swoops in and attacks me from the backside, leaving me feeling exposed and embarrassed. He sneaks into the weak crevices in my mind and plants ideas and feelings that aren’t the Truth. Takes me away from where I need to be a bit further. Those times are so rough and disheartening! The devil really has a tailored-to-suit arsenal for each one of us, doesn’t he? He always knows exactly where to get me so I feel even weaker.

But, there’s good news–my Father is still protecting me and keeping the devil from injuring me, even when I’m not where I need to be with Him. He loves me and wraps a protective arm around me, says, “No, devil, you can only come so far.” Like God gave boundaries to Satan as he attacked Job, saying, “Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand,” (Job 1:12), God doesn’t allow Satan to completely destroy me. And, it seems that through each of these instances where I am low and burdened and attacked from the rear (because that’s how the devil operates; he’s spineless and dishonest), in the end I come out stronger because He helps me, leads me, teaches me something new.  And, when I am ready to get up and fight off the enemy, He gives me the strength and power to do so. What a good and loving God I serve!

How about you? Is there a time from your life where you can relate to this brave, little chicken?

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