Scavenger Hunt

Callum’s Compass has been on preorder for one week! I am so thankful to those of you who have purchased or who have let me know you are excitedly awaiting the print copy. I can’t wait either!

In Callum’s Compass, Kat Williams goes on a treasure hunt in and around Anderson County, TN, looking for clues at local businesses and on Norris Lake. So, I thought it might be fun to play a game of our own! As you know, the Callum’s Compass launch party event is coming on scavengerhuntNovember 4th, 2017, here in Oak Ridge, TN, or on Facebook for those of you who do not live locally. I have been placing flyers for my event all over Anderson County, and I am still getting out to local businesses and asking to display them in windows.

Which brings me to the scavenger hunt! For the next three weeks, until November 3rd, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be leaving clues on my Facebook author page about a different location where I have left a flyer. If you leave a comment and guess where that flyer is, I will enter your name in the drawing for the preorder $10 Amazon gift card! Don’t live here in East Tennessee? That’s okay, you can guess too. Google is a very powerful tool! And, as long as you give it a try, you don’t have to get it right. Just give me a good guess!


-One guess equals one entry, limit one entry per location

-Names will be entered alongside the ones who preorder my book. If you guess and preorder, that gives you two entries. Guess on more than one clue and that’s three and so on.

-The winner will be drawn on November 3rd, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST and notified by email

Bonus opportunities:

-Snap a selfie of you and the flyer at that day’s location and get an extra entry (that’s two for one clue), tag me when you upload it to your Facebook page, and let me know where you found the flyer. That’s it!

-Share any of my posts relating to the preorder, the clue, or the scavenger hunt in general on your Facebook page and get one bonus entry per share

Fine print: I reserve the right to add or change rules as necessary if things aren’t working smoothly for some reason. If you visit one of these locations to snap a selfie, consider purchasing something and supporting these local businesses!


This place has the best mocha cappuccino milkshake. I’ll be baskin’g in the yummy goodness as soon as I take the first sip. Clinton, TN.

Have fun! (Did I mention I love scavenger and treasure hunts?!?)

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