Booksweeps Giveaway!

Today, I have a fun surprise that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve teamed up with 40 fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of book club FOUST-BookClubFiction-Nov17fiction novels to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a brand new eReader to the Grand Prize winner!

Oh, and did I mention you’ll receive a collection of FREE ebooks just for entering?

You can win my novel Callum’s Compass, plus books from authors like Tim Tigner and Gwendolyn Womack.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here:

Good luck, and enjoy!

I’ll see you all next week with the first installment of my winter series, Books to Beat the Winter Blues. I’ll be chatting with author Donna Schlachter. See you then! (Oh, and leave me a comment and let me know when you enter the Booksweeps giveaway!)

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