Panic at Midnight-A Guest Post by June Foster

Panic at Midnight

My life is plugging along just fine, and I know God’s looking out for me. Why is it, then, when on occasion, I awake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? Thought after ruthless thought rushes through my mind—about things that happened in the past.

Did I make the right decision to retire when I did? No! If I had worked longer, my retirement pay would’ve been more. (I’m getting along just fine on what I make.) I should’ve continued to travel in my RV and visited more places in the US. It doesn’t matter I have that tug on my heart that tells me to become more connected with other believers and dwell in a place called home.

What about the choice I made forty years ago to be a career woman? Did my kids suffer as a result?

Oh, yeah. What about that financial decision we made not to buy stock in Health-South? Would we have prospered financially had we done so?

Nothing to do but get out of bed and pace the floor while I ponder my potential mistakes.

Wait a minute. It’s twelve-thirty a.m. What’s going on? What possible good would walking around the house do? Besides, nothing can change the past.

I force my rebellious heart to embrace Proverbs 3:5-6. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him, and He will make your paths straight.”

I’ve trusted in the Lord since the day I got saved. I repeat the scripture in my mind. Next thing I know, it’s morning. Midnight panic resulted in an amazing opportunity to exercise my faith.

On a side note, at seven a.m. the next morning, all traces of the midnight panic are gone.

An award-winning author, June Foster is a retired teacher with a BA in education and IMG_6713-Recovered.jpgMA in counseling. Her characters find themselves in tough situations but overcome through God’s power and the Word. She writes edgy topics wrapped in a good story. To date, she’s seen seventeen contemporary romances and several short stories published. Find June online at

Her romantic suspense novel, Restoration of the Heart, is available on Amazon.

Though a Christian, Luke Chamberlain ignored his values and indulged in his beautiful fiancé’s world of alcohol, parties, and nights at her apartment. Restoration of the Heart June FosterAfter rededicating his life to the Lord, he vows never to fall into the lifestyle again. When the state of Idaho’s Tourism Department offers his construction company the contract to renovate Silver Cliff, an 1890’s silver mining ghost town, he accepts.

Janie Littleton studied history in college because life in the past is simpler than the uncomfortable reality of the present. With her extra pounds, eye glasses, and mousy brown hair, no man would find her attractive. When she’s offered the job of project historian at the restoration of Silver Cliff, she accepts. But as Luke Chamberlain shows an interest in her, she doubts his sincerity. To make matters worse, someone claiming to be the miner who founded Silver Cliff in 1890 intimidates her with frightening midnight visits.

Can Luke convince Janie he’s in love with the godly woman she is? Can Janie hold onto her faith as she’s harassed by frightening appearances of old Ezra Barclay who died a hundred years ago?

Thank you, June, for stopping by to share your story and about your book. Readers, I will see you back next week with author Julie Arduini!

5 thoughts on “Panic at Midnight-A Guest Post by June Foster

  1. lelandandbecky says:

    Great post, Sara and June! I can understand your questions about whether you did the right thing retiring, because my husband retired at the end of June last year. Looking back we can see how God provided for us even without that regular paycheck coming in, and SS not starting for another 6 months. He is faithful, and we have stood on our faith when doubt that we heard Him correctly, tried to arise, and refused to listen to that doubt. We can trust Him and He will prove Himself faithful & kind, over & over again!

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