Faith in My Writing Journey-A Guest Post by Glenn Haggerty

Faith in My Writing Journey

By Glenn Haggerty

I’ve always loved reading, but as a young adult with children, I didn’t have much time for such pleasures. However, once glaucoma forced me out of the business world at age 40, my life took a different turn. I tried not to ask “why Lord,” rather “what do you want me to do?” God provided and guided me into some blessed ministry opportunities over the next years, including seminary where the idea of creative writing took hold. After seminary, I first pursued pastoral leadership in the local church, and then teaching at a Christian college, but was always suspect of my ability to perform due to my visual impairment and physical limitations. I kept trusting and asking “what Lord” and soon settled into a more manageable volunteer discipling and teaching ministry in the local church—and started to write. In retrospect, I’m convinced that was God’s leading.

So now I write inspirational fiction and bible studies—a pleasing combination to me. I use fiction to try to reflect reality from a Christian perspective. My stories have an edge and don’t always have neat and tidy endings for every character—but they all effuse hope. The key characters in each story must apply faith or not, and work through the stuff life throws at them. And in my stories, that’s usually a lot!

I write primarily for middle grade and teenage boys, because I want to provide them with serious entertainment from the Christian worldview. It’s tough being a tween or teen today, there’s so much bad stuff in our culture, and secular entertainment often offers only despair. I write to encourage faith and to give kids hope that they too can make it through this difficult period of life.

As I write, I pray for inspiration and guidance. And frankly, I’m astonished by what God provides! There is no way I could do this by myself. Actually, for me, every step of the writing process involves faith. Ongoing struggles keep me on my knees as it were (figuratively in light of my bad knees), seeking God’s leading and provision. God gave that provision and guidance for my latest novel, Chase, Intense Book 3, and for my first Bible study, Companion Bible Study for Run, Finding Friends and Handling Bullies which was released July 1, 2018. I knew I couldn’t pull either one off on my own, but I also believed that God would once again lead, guide and provide (help). He did.

Here is the back cover copy of my seven-part Bible study/devotional for middle school students.

Companion Bible Study for Run–Finding Friends & Handling BulliesCompanion Bible Study for Run 7-2-2018

Equip students to find and keep solid friendships and deal with bullies.

This 7-session study on friendships gives students tools to survive and even thrive as they observe the fictional Tyler Higgins navigate the middle school friendship jungle. Students will learn from his examples both negative and positive as the lessons focus on Biblical principles for friendships, forgiveness, selflessness, dealing with bullies and a vibrant relationship with the greatest Friend of all.

Session One—Finding Friends

Session Two—Forgiving Friends

Session Three—Facing Bullies, 10 Biblical Tips for Dealing with Bullies 1-7

Session Four—Facing Bullies, 10 Biblical Tips for Dealing with Bullies 8-9

Session Five—Facing Bullies, 10 Biblical Tips for Dealing with Bullies 10

Session Six—Sacrificing for Friends

Session Seven—Talking to God

Each student book includes scripture verses and a leader’s (parent’s) guide, with answers.

Although reading the novel, Run, Intense Book 2, would enrich the study, the novel is not necessary, as each session includes corresponding chapter summaries in the appendix.

“Tyler Higgins made some blunders and burned some bridges. Can he build a new life after he moves from Florida to a small northern town in the middle of nowhere? Or will he repeat his past mistakes?”

Purchase Links:

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Print

B&N Print

Author Glenn 2014 JPEGGlenn has a Master of Divinity degree from Bethel Seminary. He is an award-winning author who combines his love for teaching God’s word with his passion for writing exciting fiction. In addition to the action adventure novel, Run (Intense Book 2), he has published two additional books in his Intense series, Escape (Book 1) and Chase (Book 3).  Eight of his short stories have appeared in six magazines, including Cadet Quest, Partners, Splickety, and Havok.

You can visit Glenn on his website at  or Facebook and Twitter

Glenn, thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. I am always moved by God’s amazing plans for us, if we are just faithful enough to follow. I’ll see you all back next week for another inspiring summer story!


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