Fall and Fresh Starts-A Guest Post by JC Morrows & GIVEAWAY

Fall and Fresh Starts


JC Morrows

Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season of the year. 

Seasons here in the south are odd, unpredictable, and never behave like people expect them to. Winter is wonderful and, as a hot natured person, it’s nice not to be hot. Spring is beautiful with all of the new growth. Summer is great for swimming, but the humidity here in the south is almost always too much for me.

But fall. . .

Fall is simply magical. Everywhere you look in East Tennessee, there are breathtaking colors. The air is crisp and cool and there’s a scent that comes with fall that is impossible to properly explain. You just have to walk outside and breathe in the autumn air.

Fall is also the time I tend to get the most writing done. You would think it would be summer, since I tend to stay inside as much as possible away from the heat, but summer tends to be such a busy season, there’s so little time to just sit and relax with a warm cup of coffee and write for endless hours. Fall gives me that.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m a sucker for fairy tales – and so many fairy tales happen in an autumn setting. In the crisp air of a fall day, there are so many possibilities, so much inspiration, it’s difficult not to find a new story lurking around every corner or under each fallen leaf.

Fall is a time for fresh starts, which may be the main reason I love it so much. Every person on this Earth, whether they will admit it or not, makes mistakes. Things go wrong in this life. Words are released, which can never be unsaid. Decisions are made and consequences (some good. . . some not so good) inevitably follow. When the leaves begin to lazily drift down from their trees, the season of rebirth has officially begun. It’s like a fresh start for the world – and it reminds me of the fresh start that God gives to each one of us. . . again, and again, and again, as many times as we need it.

He understands that we are human, we are frail, we are weak, and we need a lot of chances sometimes to get things right.

Writing is that way. You never publish the first words that come out of your mind, through your fingertips, and onto the page. If you did, you would likely be very embarrassed. You need time to go over them again and again, time to catch all of those mistakes, time to fix them, and a chance to make the story better at the same time.

It also doesn’t hurt that Fall is Pumpkin Spice season. 😉

JC Morrows is the bestselling author of the young adult dystopian series: Order of theJC morrows MoonStone and the post-apocalyptic Frozen World series. A believer in sharing knowledge, JC is passionate about both stoking the creative fire in young minds and doing everything she can to help authors of all experience levels excel. You can find JC here: https://jcmorrows.com/

JC’s newest release, Taken, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Universal now.




TakenLife can change in a moment… in less than a moment actually. In less time than it takes to inhale, you can find yourself lost… taken… changed… dragged into a war that has raged for centuries – a war that no one really expects to win.

They fight because they always have. It is all they know… all they remember. Not one person on their wretched little world remembers a time when there was anything other than war.

They do not fight for life… or even love. They fight for freedom. Freedom – in this part of the universe – is fragile. Precious. Fleeting. No one knows this better than the Andariians.

. . . and they will use whatever means they have at their disposal to attain it – even if that means stealing away the freedom of unsuspecting humans.

JC has agreed to do a giveaway! Winner’s choice of any one of her published books (excluding Taken), ebook or paperback! You can find details of her other published works here. The winner will be drawn from the commenters on 09/26/18 at 8 AM EST. Please leave a question or comment for JC as well as your email address. Good luck!

The fine print: Contest void where prohibited. Only US residents will be eligible to receive a paperback copy. Each commenter is assigned a number and the winner is drawn using random.org. Winners will have two weeks from the date of the drawing to claim their prize.

12 thoughts on “Fall and Fresh Starts-A Guest Post by JC Morrows & GIVEAWAY

  1. SARAH TAYLOR says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway I myself love The fall and yes I love anything Pumpkin spice ! your cover looks beautiful and it sounds like a great read would love to win a print copy!

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