2018 Goals

Happy New Year! Our celebration was so much fun! We gathered at my aunt’s house for 1231171946fireworks, food, and games. Thanks to my wonderful husband, who decked out in his warmest and braved the bitterly cold temps to set those fireworks off! My kids had a blast and we laughed a lot. We stayed up to watch the ball drop. And ate way more than we should. Our favorite card game is Play Nine. My husband beat me. Not good to start the year out with him getting bragging rights. Maybe next time I’ll win, though. My aunt even has a trophy for the 1231171857winner. Our family is really something special, and we missed the ones who weren’t able to join us. But, it was a great night.

I love the fresh beginning of a new year. As I mentioned last year in my 2017 goals blog (you can find it here), I like checklists and, as much of the country is doing today I’m sure, I like setting attainable goals. I am so thankful that God brought to fruition my goal of becoming a published author in 2017. It has been the highlight of my year. He also allowed me words to complete book number two, Camp Hope, and begin writing book number three, Rarity Mountain. It’s hard to judge whether I’ve been able to loosen the reins of control or become a more Godly woman this past year. I hope so.

In 2018, I’d like to accomplish some more writing goals, but most importantly I’d like to grow in my faith. Here is my 2018 list:

  1. I want to spend quality time EACH morning studying the Scripture and in quiet meditation with the Lord.
  2. Attend the Philippines mission trip with courage and perform prayerful work while there.
  3. Publish book number 2 in the Love, Hope, and Faith Series, Camp Hope.
  4. Finish writing book number 3, Rarity Mountain.
  5. Begin and complete book number 1 in the next series, untitled as of now (but it involves pirate treasure!).

I normally don’t have a ‘word for the year,’ but if I did, I believe courage would be mine for 2018. I’m going to need it as I approach this new calling from God to be a missionary to a foreign country. What will you do with 2018? I’d love to hear your goals!



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